Website for a Sculptor

Paint Poet Media specializes in building sites, especially Hawaii based sites, for small businesses and artists.  Dale Zarrella, sculptor and painter, has always had a vision of what he wants his artistic representation to look like, and his website is no exception.  With a clear vision laid out by Dale,...

Maui Surfer Girl

Susanna SeaFire and I have been cruising around Maui this year collecting footage for a new video, and the edit is finally out! Some footage is from surfing Maui, and some more is from Susanna surfing in Indonesia (Bali).  While it has been a grueling process, this video contains footage...

Big Surf in West Maui

Had an awesome day with Susanna and we went out to a killer spot on Maui to check out the waves.  We filmed until sunset, and got some amazing footage of Big Surf on Maui.  This was filmed in January 2015 during one of the first big swells of the...

Maui Scuba Diving Video

Maui Scuba Diving Paint Poet Media created Maui Scuba Diver video “Octopus Insanity” after an awesome dive on the west side on Maui. This Maui scuba diving experience was filmed in Full HD. Moondoggie came with.

Ian Surfing Lahaina Video

This week we worked on a video from Ian surfing Lahaina on clear Maui day with cruise waves. Check this video out on YouTube. Music: “Addicted” by Isaac Leo

Paint Poet Media

Paint Poet Media produces videos, develops websites, and provides the universe with entertaining stuff. Sometimes we work with a purpose, other times we wander aimlessly through the halls of the internet asking ourselves how we got here. Call (808) 283-4173 or Contact Us if you need someone to spice up your online appearances, or hook you up with some great footage or photos.

Video Production

Paint Poet Media films and produces a ton of video. Our goal is to let the world feel what we feel in our videos and photos; to transfer the powerful feeling from a moment or landscape into a collaborated media effort. We create only high quality video, and use only the best equipment.

Website Developement

Paint Poet Media develops many websites, including the one you are on now. We can update old sites to bring them up to modern standards, or we can simply optimize your site to get the best possible results out of campaigns. We also make websites for our own personal entertainment. We love to dream up new and exciting website ideas.
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